Letter from the Editor


I don't even know where to begin.


I'd like to think that the fact that I sit here struggling to find the right words to describe the times that we have suddenly found ourselves thrust into is not lost on our readership.  Also not lost on our readership though, is the fact that these events were foretold many years ago, but I suspect none of us anticipated seeing things ramp up so suddenly.


I am not going to espouse that these events we've seen are a clear indication that, "this is it!  It's the end days!"  That would be foolish.  Rather, I will say that these events clearly indicate that we're closer today than we were yesterday to the return of Jesus.


Despite all of the chaos and the questions that still linger- not only concerning a virus that shut down the world's economy, but also concerning the events surrounding the death of George Floyd, there are a few things that I would like to highlight albeit in brief.


The use of aborted fetal tissue in the development of vaccines is no longer relegated to the dark corner as a "conspiracy theory."  This has now been disclosed to the populous as a fact.


During the lock down, when families were told to stay home, Out of Shadows was released.  This documentary was aptly timed as it ripped the mask off of the ways in which Hollywood and the media manipulate their viewers.


Another documentary that was released during this time was one that has gotten little traction; ContraLand, produced by Vets 4 Child Rescue and concerning the pandemic of child sex trafficking.


If you have not yet watched either of these, I highly recommend them.


While church doors were closed across the nation, the body of Christ was seeing things be exposed with consistency and at a rate that only God could schedule and orchestrate.  Every time that I chose to actually turn to some form of media to look at headlines, I was seeing something that had only days before been relegated to the corner as a "conspiracy theory" confirmed instead as fact.


If there is one thing that I will choose to point to and highlight as a benefit for the chaotic times we've just been through, it is the fact that the body of Christ no longer has an excuse for not praying with specificity about what has been exposed before them.


With the chaos seeming to have abated for a moment, I wanted to take the opportunity to publicly thank the contributors- VeeJay, Christopher, and James, that have held down the fort and kept the site alive.


While we're appreciating the momentary break in the chaos, we're also keeping watch for signs of the next shoe to drop.  With that being said, you can expect things to return to more of the "pre-lockdown normal" around here.





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