Monday, April 15, 2024


Rev. Christopher B. Cain is a fourth generation Gospel Minister who has a heart for the broken and the lost. Chris is the co-founder of Alive Ministries USA, a ministry he and his wife Elizabeth founded, along with the much appreciated help of his sister & editor Jessica J. Cain, to preach and teach the Gospel through encouraging devotions and Biblical commentary, in edition to speaking engagements. Chris also writes for the Wisconsin Christian News and the Fort Fairfield Journal. Chris injured his back in 2004 after being struck with nearly 2000 pounds of steel rebar while working on a construction site. The injury left Chris disabled, with damage to fifteen discs and in chronic pain. He was confronted with a greater need to rely on God for the strength and grace to endure his situation. Chris often speaks of his brokeness and frequently uses it as a jumping off point to connect with others who are just as broken, all be it in different ways. There is a blessing in our brokeness, in that we get to face who we are, surrender the broken parts and be remade by God all the while as we draw closer to God. We just have to surrender to God through Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior! Chris hosts a livestream at 9:00 p.m. EST on weeknights in which he takes live prayer requests and shares Scripture at the Alive Ministries Facebook page, and on YouTube at Feel free to join us!