Let’s ditch the tinfoil for now

Can we take it down a notch, please?


I'm all for a good "conspiracy theory" now and again.  Heck, it's how I got to where I am today.  (Chuck Missler led to LA Marzulli led to Russ Dizdar...) But there is a limit to what is reasonable and prudent so that we don't become so lost in the rabbit trails as to lose sight of truth.


Ultimately we know that everything is gearing up for a one world religion and a one world government; Scripture provides much of the basic outline for this eventuality.  What we don't know however, is what the road taken to achieve that goal looks like.  We know general direction, but not the street names or the distance between certain turns or off ramps on the highway.


The other thing that we know for a fact is that God is sovereign though it all and knows every minute detail of how things will play out.


Everyone is fearful enough right now, even those who profess to have faith in Jesus Christ.  While this provides abundant opportunity to share about the hope and joy that we have in the midst of this storm, we need to make sure that it is done in a way that represents our Lord and Savior well without making things worse.


What doesn't help the situation any is when people, like Chicken Little, constantly point to different things and start shrieking that the sky is falling.


Peter spoke with boldness in Acts when he declared that the results of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit were "that which the prophet Joel spoke of" (Acts 2:16).  Are we as certain when we point to a current event and declare that it is just further proof of some vast conspiracy?


Are we spending more time investigating the latest theory concerning Q (or others) than we are reading and studying Scripture?


Are we spending more time trying to "red pill" those around us than we are in praise and worship of our God?


What about time spent in prayer?


The Bible outlines clearly that *nothing* is beyond His knowing.  This includes what the elites are planning and scheming in their secret meetings behind closed doors.  The thing is though, that time and again in Scripture, God reveals those hidden things to those of His servants that are seeking and serving Him.  Not the ones that are down in the city square or at the city gates debating and exchanging theories.


As often cited, God knew exactly what was going on in Ezekiel 8, even when his faithful prophet had no idea.  Ezekiel was serving as best he could, being true to the tasks that God had given him.  It was in that service that God took him deeper and showed him the hidden things.


It's time that we turn off YouTube, log out of Twitter, and crack open our Bibles. Seek the face of Him that knows the end from the beginning.  In that seeking, He may choose to reveal more of the hidden things, but He also may not.  He has already given us everything we need to know in the pages of our Bibles.


Sure, we can point to events that are daily being splashed across the headlines and say that they are types and shadows of the things to come, but to say specifically that different events are clear landmarks is a different matter. God knows what He is doing, and does not need us to help direct things.