Kentucky man arrested

Sean Dykes, 24

It’s not a headline someone enjoys seeing.

An arrest has been made in Kentucky, after a three month old infant was found to have 27 fractures over her body including her skull, ribs, spine, arms, hands, legs and feet.

While a full medical report with prognosis is not available, the Richmond Police Assistant Chief, Rodney Richardson summed the opinions of many up when he stated that, “It’s unimaginable that a father could do this to their daughter.”

What is sometimes included in the articles on this case, as they begin to propagate across the web, is that Dykes stated to police that he suffers from multiple personality disorder and during the attack on his daughter, “blacked out” for a time. When he came back to awareness, his daughter was suffering from a seizure, had cuts and bruises, and his right hand was hurting.

Dykes had another encounter with police back in March of 2018 when he was accused of throwing his girlfriend, the mother of the infant, to the ground and trying to strangle her.

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Author’s Note: Please, pray for the recovery of that little girl, as well as for someone to be able to minister to Dykes while he awaits trial. There is clearly more at play here than local law enforcement is ready (or possibly willing,) to consider.