It’s All About the Benjamins

Last week on the Through the Black show, Tom and I showed a silly music video (1:50:24) about the “end times” where armed guards would be policing people at the checkout counters, forcing them to use the new, one world currency, which is data embedded into our right hands or foreheads. But what was being communicated with bouncy pop music and cheesy special effects a mere 4 decades ago in the 1980s, has moved to our nightly news.

Take for example this recent Facebook interview with Melissa Ciummei (see video below). Ciummei, an independent financial investor from Northern Ireland, is well spoken, and she knows her stuff. I especially appreciated her “no bones about it” approach to this difficult to listen to topic of our crumbling FIAT financial system. She doesn’t crack a smile, pander to the camera, or mince words.

This isn’t necessarily “new” news for any student of eschatology, but sometimes old information presented in an orderly fashion atop the template of very-current events adds more clarity to otherwise “general” ideas and assumptions.

“Everyone has to buy into this.
Everybody, without exception, has to buy into this.
This is the new financial system.”
Melissa Ciummei

We have been hearing about one world currencies, the crash of the FIAT system, and the nefarious beginnings of the Federal Reserve Bank amongst elites atop a Canaanite altar on Jekyll Island for decades. For anyone who has read G. Edward Griffin’s book, “The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve” or who has heard the story of Tim Bence’s visit to Jekyll Island, nothing in the video below will be new, alarming, or difficult to believe.

What makes the video extraordinary (and painfully difficult to sit through) is seeing the puzzle pieces all now laying within arms reach of us…and our children. The non-verbal wincing painted all over the interviewer’s face is an apt representation of the same recoiling I felt in my own gut as I watched the video.

Some recurring themes from her message are:

  • The vax ID cards are about control, not health and safety
  • Compliance will result in complete and utter control of our lives
  • PEOPLE are the new ENERGY; DATA is the new GOLD

Click HERE to view the interview with Melissa Ciummei