Man charged for possessing more than 1 terabyte of child pornography

Dallas, Texas: On Friday, December 24, the Dallas Police Department's Internet Crimes Against Children Squad announced an arrest from a "proactive investigation into the distribution of Child Sexual Abuse Material."


An unidentified 61-year-old man was arrested on a charge of possession of child pornography after a search warrant was executed at his residence.


"So far, ICAC Detectives have uncovered approximately 1 terabytes of files that meet the definition of Child Pornography under the Texas Penal Code. This 1 terabyte of files amounts to over 650,000 images and more than 900 hours of video. Overall, approximately 30 terabytes of data were sized from the residence which still needs to be reviewed."

The investigation is ongoing and more charges will likely be filed.


"Our detectives will continue to work tirelessly through the holiday season to ensure the safety of all children in Dallas and North Texas," the statement promised. "They will relentlessly pursue child sexual predators in their homes, on the streets, online, and on all digital platforms."