Inmate confesses to cold case murder after turning life over to God

Gilbert Davila, 49. [Image credit: Aransas Pass Police Department]

In October of this year, 49-year-old Gilbert Davila reached out to Criminal Investigation Division Captain Kyle Rhodes concerning a cold case dating back to 1994.


According to the date on the body-worn camera images released, the officers sat down with Davila on the afternoon of November 12.


Davila and his brother were convicted of capitol murder in 2002, and they were sentenced in 2003.  Davila has already served 17 years behind bars for his part in the murder of a couple after a birthday party.


What he had to tell them, was that he was also guilty of killing 53-year-old George Smith.  According to the release issued by the Aransas Pass Police Department, he had been the primary suspect in the case, but there had not been enough evidence to pursue charges.


Davila told them that on the night in question, he and his estranged wife were having relationship problems and that he had made a threat on her life. For her own safety, she had determined to stay at an undisclosed location.


He told officers that he went to the Smith residence intending to force his wife to return home with him, and that he had no intention of committing murder.  Davila said that things escalated between him and his estranged wife's step-father and he shot him.


Officers asked why he decided to come forward on his matter now.  His response according to the release was that, he had "turned his life to God" and "felt it was only appropriate that he resolve his past crimes/sins, and this was one that needed full disclosure."


The police department stated they "commend Gilbert for coming forward to do the right thing."  They also expressed their hopes that the ensuing criminal case against Davila will help to bring some closure to the Smith family and friends.