Instagram model charged with brutal murder of her mother

Anna Leikovic, 21, of Comrat, Moldova. [Image credit: Instagram]

A 21-year-old Instagram model and medical student from Comrat, Moldova was charged on December 13 for the brutal murder of her 40-year-old mother Praskovya Leikovic.


Footage obtained by Pro TV showed Anna Leikovic laying on the bench cleaning her nails while the proceedings took place.  She eventually is seen standing on the bench while the charge against her is read.


As she leaves the court room, a reporter asks her, "Do you understand what you have done?"  In response, Leikovic is heard laughing.


The same reporter asks, "Why did you kill your mother?"  Liekovic laughs again and then responds with simply, "Goodbye," before laughing again.


Police are still questioning Liekovic and have stated that they do not believe anyone else is involved.


"I cannot comment yet so as not to harm the criminal prosecution," press secretary for the ATU Gagauzia police department Lyubov Yanak said.  "At the moment, I can say that she is being interrogated, police officers are carrying out certain investigative measures to obtain and consolidate evidence."


"The detainee is the main suspect," Yanak continued. "The likelihood of other suspects is simply not there."


At this time, it is believed that an altercation started between Liekovic and her mother after she had returned home from working in Germany and found reason to believe that her daughter was using drugs.  It is speculated that the motive for the brutal attack was that Liekovic found out that her mother intended to send her to rehab.


Liekovic is reported to have stabbed her mother several times with a kitchen knife before cutting her chest open and removing her heart, lungs, and intestines while she was still alive.


After the attack, Liekovic is said to have showered and then gone to visit her boyfriend as though nothing had happened.


Her mother's remains were not found until 72-hours later at which time Liekovic was located at a friend's house and arrested on suspicion, triggering a 72 hour hold that would have expired on the 14th were she not charged.


Since news of this broke, her number of followers on Instagram has risen by approximately 4,000 as the Daily Mail reported that she had 9,400 followers just yesterday.