Indicted on 101 Charges, Ohio Man Awaiting Release on Bond

Trevor Fraley, 24, of Middletown, Ohio.


“It’s the most terrible thing I have ever seen, and I have seen some pretty terrible things,” Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones said. “It’s things you would have nightmares about if you’ve even seen it. It’s that bad.*”


According to Butler County Jail records, 24 year old Trevor Fraley of Middletown, Ohio was arrested in the afternoon of November 22nd after a warrant was issued for his arrest.


He was initially arrested and charged with two counts of illegal use of a minor or impaired person in nudity-oriented material or performance, but a grand jury indictment soon brought a total of 101 charges against him after reviewing only 42 files which appear to date between November 2018 and the end of October 2019.


According to Jones, thousands of videos and images found on Fraley’s laptop computer show children and babies, including some in diapers, who appear to be as young as 8 months old or 2 years old.  Due to the extensive nature of the case, the possible involvement of federal agents assisting with the investigation was not ruled out.


On November 26th, Fraley pleaded not guilty and was ordered to be held without bond.


On December 4th, Fraley's attorney, Christopher J. Pagan entered a motion for a bond to be set for his client.  He stated that as his client has lived in the area all but one year of his life, has family and business ties in the area, he is at little flight risk.   Additionally, he stated that as his client's three children, ages 5, 3, and 1, are currently in the custody of his sister pending a CSB case.


Those three children were in custody of Fraley at the time of his arrest.


On December 9th, assistant prosecuting attorney Kelley E. Heile filed a memorandum concerning the bail request which outlined how the investigation was brought about, and pointed out that while attorney Pagan stated his client had deep ties to the area, Fraley's residence was transitional at best, and he had a history of failing to appear for relatively minor charges which had resulted in warrants in the past.


To that end, attorney Heile requested a high bail and numerous conditions including GPS monitoring as well as a complete restriction to all internet access whether by computer or cell phone.  An additional restriction of absolutely no contact with children, including his own, was requested as a term of bond.


On December 17th Judge Michael Oster Jr granted the state's request and set Fraley's bond at $500,000 with conditions.  Those conditions included the GPS monitoring, absolutely no contact with any children, absolutely no access to the internet and the additional provision of weekly drug testing.


On December 23rd Fraley posted bond.


He is still in custody at the Butler County Jail at the moment, but that is temporary as he is merely awaiting electronic monitoring.


He is due to appear back in court on January 6th.


Editor's Note: Please be aware that the Sheriff was not over stating the severity of this case.  While links to court documents available through the clerk of the court have been provided in this article, they should be read with extreme caution as some of them contain very graphic detail of abuse.



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