“I’m Possessed…” New Information Released in Winter Park Stabbing

Michael King, 18, of Winter Park, Florida is on trial for the brutal murder of his mother in late February of this year.

"I'm possessed, and you are possessing a woman. You need to kill her," the note found in the Winter Park residence of Michael King, his twin sister, and their mother, Nancy Ann Noone, 65, said.


King was arrested shortly after Noone was found unresponsive by his sister in their home on the night of Wednesday, February 27th.  By the 28th, King was in custody and the arrest affidavit stated that he had admitted to the stabbing of his mother and stated that he'd "fantasized" about committing murder.


Now, new information is slowly leaking out.


"My brother is a very disturbed soul," King's twin sister said in an interview.


His sister told Sheriff's Investigators that her brother had been acting strangely in the months leading up to the attack, often staring at nothing in particular and talking about Satan.


She explained that King's issues had started years before with him stealing things to get money for drugs.  She stated that he'd even flunked out of school and been fired from a job at McDonald's.


She stated that King blamed their mother for everything despite her trying to do everything within her power to help him.  "My mom was the most wonderful lady. All she ever did was try to help my brother. That's all we ever tried to do ... be there for him and help him."


"In the middle of junior year he stopped talking to people and he started skipping school for like weeks and that's when it started happening," Andrew Atallah, a high school friend of both King and his sister said in February.


According to court records, on April 9th of this year, King was found incompetent to proceed with the trial.  Five months later, on September 6th, the court found King competent to continue with the trial.


A hearing scheduled for October 24th had been cancelled, but a pre-trial conference is scheduled for November 27th, and trial hearing is scheduled for December 9th.