High School Sexual Assault Results in Canceled Football Season

Gilroy High School. Gilroy is located about 70 miles south of San Francisco.


Gilroy Police began investigating a reported sexual assault on September 26th.


The report stated that a student told school authorities he had been assaulted in the locker room by four other student.  The four students were, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, cited by police for suspicion of sexual battery.


The students accused are members of the varsity football team.  District officials said in a statement on Tuesday, October 1st, that “appropriate and immediate actions were taken to investigate the allegations.”  At that time, they were also “fully committed" to Gilroy High School finishing out the 2019 football season.


On Wednesday though, it was announced that Gilroy High had forfeited it's remaining games and would no longer be participating in the season.  The district stated it had learned “that most of the varsity players have chosen not to finish the season and therefore, at this time, the season will not continue.”


Police have stated that “There is no evidence at this time that this was a hate-motivated crime,” but have not disclosed much else as the parties involved are minors.





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