“I Wanted to Kill a Person, Anyone.”


"I wanted to kill a person, anyone," one of the investigators with the Aomori Prefecture Police told Kyodo News a 14 year old boy had said when he confessed to slashing a sixth grade girl's throat.


The boy, who will not be identified by Japanese police due to the fact that he is a minor, was sent to prosecutors today, November 14th, for attempted murder for the attack that took place in the evening of Tuesday, November 12th.


According to reports, the 14 year old walked up behind the girl at about 4:40 in the afternoon as she was walking home alone from school and slashed her throat.  She was left with an approximately 4 inch cut that was almost 1/2 an inch deep.  She was transported to the hospital and authorities say she is able to speak.


Shortly after 8 pm Tuesday night, police located the boy at a cram school in Hachinohe.  It is said that he was found in possession of several box cutters.


Police are working to determine the boy's movements before and after the attack, and to determine his motive.



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