“I killed her because my father loved her more than me,” Older Sister Confesses


News out of Egypt involves a pair of siblings, one of which had been reported missing.


This story came to light Monday, when locals in Abu Ashri in the province of Dakahlia, about 110 kilometers north of Cairo, discovered the remains of a 5 year old girl and reported it to authorities.


Upon contacting the father, he informed them that the last person to see his younger daughter was her 14 year old elder sister, Dunia Adel.


During an interview with police, Dunia confessed that she had killer her younger sister with a kitchen knife out of jealousy.  “I killed her because my father loved her more than me,” she is reported to have told police.


She then told police that she had disposed of her sister's body by placing it in an abandoned shack, and led them to the murder weapon.


According to Gulf News, the case has been referred to a local prosecutor for further investigation.



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