Homicide Charges Filed A Year After Child’s Death

Jason Forsyth, 22, Old Lycoming Township, Pennsylvania [Photo credit: Lycoming County Prison]


Emergency medical services were called to a residence on Misner Road near Williamsport in December 21, 2018 at 9:01 am on a call of an unresponsive toddler.  They performed CPR and transported him to Williamsport Regional Medical Center’s emergency room where an hour later,19 month old Ky’Mani Moore was declared dead.


A hospital official told police that when Jason Forsyth was told that the child had died he appeared “detached” and that he “did not appear to want to have anything to do with the situation.”


On December 22nd, an autopsy was performed by Dr. B.K. Bollinger with the Forensic Pathology Associates.  His report though, was not completed until April 15, 2019.


During interviews with police, Moore's mother, Alyssa Carpenter confirmed to police that Forsyth was not Moore's father and that he was the last one to have contact with the child before he was found unresponsive.


“Carpenter stated she remembered waking up to Ky’Mani crying,” the affidavit said. “She walked over to his bedroom and found Forsyth in Ky’Mani’s bedroom, giving Ky’Mani a bottle.”


The following morning, at about 7 am, she told police that she had checked on her son and found him sleeping on the floor with a stuffed tiger.  Shortly thereafter, Carpenter told police that Forsyth had stated his intent to give Moore a bottle and change his diaper.


An hour later, Carpenter asked Forsyth to check on Moore once more.


“Carpenter said Forsyth walked out of Ky’Mani’s bedroom and said, ‘I don’t know how to tell you, Ky’Mani is unresponsive,'” according to the affidavit.


The autopsy report revealed that Moore had “contusions of the head, torso and extremities, a skull fracture, healing fractures of two of his ribs and one finger,” and other injuries to his body.   His death was ruled a homicide caused by “multiple blunt force injuries.”


Forsyth, who has been in custody of the Lycoming County Prison since November 2019 on Theft and Access Device Fraud charges has now also been charged with murder, assault, and related charges in the death of Moore.


He is due to make a first appearance in court on January 15th at 1 pm.



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