Homeless woman arrested as suspect in attempted kidnapping of two children

Jasmin Mendoza, 25, of Garden Grove, California. [Image credit: Santa Ana Police Department]

Barely a week after a Florida woman was arrested for attempted kidnapping another woman, this time in California, is behind bars for the same charge.


On Thursday the Santa Ana Police Department sought the public's assistance in locating a homeless woman that had allegedly tried to kidnap children on two separate occasions.


“Our concern is this woman, who, according to her family, has mental health and narcotics abuse issues… is attempting to take small children, and our concern is she’s homeless and it will be difficult to locate her,” Santa Ana Police Department Corporal Anthony Bertagna said.


Bertagna explained that Mendoza was suspected to have attempted to kidnap a child while he was playing in his front yard Tuesday morning.


“A woman was sitting on her porch and her 2-year-old son was playing out front when this woman stops and is staring at the kid,” he stated.  “It scared the hell out of the mom, and as she walked up to the kid, (the mom) grabbed the kid and ran inside, and this woman starts pounding on the door saying, `That’s my kid.’”


Bertagna stated that Mendoza is suspected in another case from late June or early July when another attempt was made to grab a child.


On Friday officers confirmed that they had Mendoza in custody.  She is currently being held by the Orange County Sheriff's Department and is due to appear in court on September 1st.  No charges currently show on her inmate listing.