Woman leaves children at home and tries to kidnap neighbor’s baby

Hannah Braun, 28, of Palmetto, Florida. [Image credit: Pinellas County Sheriff's Office]

At about 2:15 am on August 18th, a Ring doorbell caught images of a woman walking up to a residence and knocking on the door.  Eventually she made her way into the home and attempted to grab a 9-month-old child from the arms of her 12-year-old sister.


According to detectives, a scuffle ensued which drew the attention of a parent within the home.  That parent was able to free the infant from Hannah Braun's arms and called the police.


When officers arrived, they soon found out that this was not the only residence that Braun had visited that night.


Thelma Reynolds, who lives nearby according to WFLA, reported to police that Braun had also entered her home and attempted to take her 1-year-old grandson.


Amber, the mother of the 9-month-old, spoke with WFLA.  “She’s standing in my living room, talking about, yah, I’m just here to get the baby. I’m trying to protect the baby,” said the mother. “I’m like protect the baby? Why are you in my house?“


Reynolds said, “She wanted the baby. She said she was taking care of babies here. And that’s what she wanted. She wanted this baby.“


Braun lives nearby, but was not personally known by either of the victims.


At her residence, police found two young children that Braun had left there alone.  While authorities have not released information regarding her relationship to those children, a Facebook post to her page dated June 24, 2019 is captioned in part "this is my family," and shows her with two children.


According to police, the girl told them that "she lost her mommy" and was scared.


Braun was arrested and charged with attempted kidnapping, burglary with assault or battery, child abuse, and two counts of neglect of a child.  She was released Friday afternoon on bond.  Her court date was not indicated.