Four Children in Foster Care as Police Continue Investigation

The investigation is ongoing in a case of child abuse in a South Perry neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Four children, two boys and two girls, ranging in age from 5-13 years old, all individually told doctors of abuse in their home when examined by a doctor at the Children's Hospital according to police documents.


One of the boys displayed welts on his legs from being hit with a stick, and burns from an iron.


At least one of the children also reported that their mother, Eveline Ntahimpera had threatened to cut off their hands with a knife that she had heated up on the stove.


Their father, Marc Safari, denied all of the allegations against them, but lunged at one of his daughters during a meeting with Children, Youth and Families and needed to be restrained according to police.


As of August 3rd, the investigation is ongoing, and the parents have not been arrested or charged, but the four children have been removed from their parents and placed into foster care.