Former youth pastor sentenced to life for killing and dismembering teen in 1994

Jacksonville, Florida: Last week the trial began for 65-year-old Ronnie Hyde. On Friday afternoon it came to its conclusion when he was found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to live in Florida State Prison by Judge Tatiana Salvador.


The jury deliberated for just over three hours according to First Coast News.


Travis Laster, Fred's brother, was present in the court room to read a victim impact statement before the sentence was announced.


Hyde will return to court for a pending case involving 25 counts pf possession of child pornography.


During the closing arguments, when Hyde testified in his own defense, he was observed as seeming to be at ease, even joking with his attorney.


When asked about the pictures of the state of his home Hyde reportedly chucked and said, "I'm a bit embarrassed about that. If I knew you all were coming over, I would've cleaned up a bit."


The lead FBI agent on the case testified that due to the state of the home they were unable to follow the usual protocol during the investigation. Most of the items photographed had to be taken outside to do so and agents allegedly had to wear extra PPE and respirators due to "the heavy odor emanating from the house."