Former Elementary School Employee Charged With Child Molestation and Seduction

Jennifer Ruth Holmgren, 40, of Lafayette, Indiana.

On Friday, November 1st, a member of the IT department of Tippecanoe County School Corporation is said to have discovered an inappropriate email exchange between one of the school employees and a student at another school.


That email was written by then employee, Jennifer Holmgren who worked as a special education aide to a 14 year old boy expressing that she enjoyed having sex with him and found him to be "damn sexy."


School officials state that they immediately reported the matter to authorities and began their own internal investigation.  On Sunday, November 3rd, Holmgren was officially fired.


"Law enforcement was notified immediately when school officials became aware of a suspicious email between Jennifer Holmgren, a special education aide at Klondike Elementary School and a student at another school. As a result of an internal investigation, Jennifer Holmgren is no longer employed by the Tippecanoe School Corporation," an official statement said.


Also on November 3rd, the Journal and Courier reports that Holmgren attempted to contact the boy and request that he delete any electronic records indicating the nature of their relationship according to the probable cause affidavit.


When interviewed by police, the boy is said to have told them that he had sex with Holmgren "multiple times" between the ages of 9 and 13.


Holmgren was arrested on November 8th, and official charges were filed against her yesterday, November 14th.  She is charged with three counts of child molesting, one count of child seduction, and one count of inappropriate communication with a child.  Her next scheduled court date is December 12th, and her pretrial conference has been set for February 28th, 2020.