Foster Parents Charged in Death of 3 Year Old

Kelsey and Glen Seaman, both 25, of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. [Photo credit: Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office]


Faith came into the Seamans' lives in April 2018 from a bad situation.  They fostered her for several months and then, in December of 2018, adopted her.


“This is such a sad case for everyone involved," Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliott said in a statement posted to the department's Facebook page.  "These are the types of heart-breaking cases that haunt even the toughest of law enforcement officers. One of the most tragic aspects of this case is that this precious three-year-old was adopted out of a bad situation into the possibility of a brighter future. Instead her life was cut short in a senseless act of violence. Our focus now is to keep Faith in our thoughts as we pursue justice on her behalf.”


Emergency services were called to the Seaman residence in the morning hours of November 6th for an unresponsive child.  When paramedics and deputies arrived, they found 3 year old Faith not breathing and without a pulse.  She was rushed to the hospital where she was declared dead.


There were no clear signs as to what had caused the death of a reportedly healthy toddler, so the medical examiner began investigating.


When the findings came back, they reported that Faith sustained injuries consistent with abuse before her death, likely on November 5th.  Between the medical examiner's findings and the interviews conducted with Kelsey and Glen Seaman, both 25, the county District Attorney felt there was enough evidence to press charges.


Kelsey was arrested on November 15th and charged with first degree murder, abuse of a child that results in death as well as child abuse, child neglect, and obstructing an officer.


Glen turned himself into police shortly after his wife was arrested.  He faces charges of child abuse, enabling child abuse, and obstructing an officer.


Their court date is not known at this time.


During the course of their interviews with officers, it was revealed that the Seamans, married in 2017, have fostered five children for several months.  It is not clear if they were all at the same time or over the course of time.

Two other children, both under the age of two, were reported as being present in the home at the time of the incident.  They are both now in the custody of the Department of Human Services.



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