Forensic Psychologist Says Man That Killed Daughter in 2017 is “Irrestorably Incompetent”

Mark Hambrick, 48, of Bywater, Louisiana is accused of killing his 18-month old daughter October 17, 2017. [Photo credit: Orleans Justice Center Jail]


Orleans Parish Criminal District Court Judge Robin Pittman heard testimony from forensic psychiatrist Dr. Sanket Vyas on Tuesday, January 14th concerning the “irrestorable” condition of 48 year old Mark Hambrick.


Vyas said that while Hambrick seems to understand legal terms, he refuses to cooperate with attorneys working his case and is unwilling to consider a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity in his case.


“He flat out told us that that's not something he is willing to do because he is going to push for the death penalty, because in order to fulfill this prophecy that involved the death of his daughter, God’s will is that he's going to be found guilty for this and be put to death and resurrected and his soul will merge with the kingdom of God,” Vyas said.


Hambick is charged with one count of both first degree murder and second degree cruelty to juveniles for the October 17, 2017 stabbing and suffocation death of his 18-month old daughter, Amina.


An internal audit analyst at the Sewerage & Water Board, Hambrick called 911 and told the dispatcher that he had killed his toddler daughter, saying that "that God made him do it."  When officers arrived to the residence, he was waiting for them outside and directed them to her body inside.


There was a previous competency hearing in September 2018 when Dr. Janet Johnson stated that Hambrick "thinks he's God's chosen son, Jesus Christ, and will be resurrected."


She explained further stating, "He has no intention of mounting a defense. He's delusional and not making any rational decisions. He believes that there is a 400-year mark, 2019, which is 400 years after 1619, when the first slave ship arrived. He has a complex delusional feeling God will right the wrongs and bring justice. He hoped to get the death penalty in 2019."


At that time, the judge ruled in favor of further psychiatric treatment in an effort to restore Hambrick to competency.  Now, after months of “a very high dose” of three different “broad-spectrum” medications, Hambrick may be looking at an indefinite stay at the Eastern Louisiana Mental Health System in Jackson where he's been since September 2018.


Judge Pittman is withholding making her final determination in the case until she receives the written report from Dr. Vyas which should be in her possession by February 4th.


Should Judge Pittman agree with Dr. Vyas' conclusion that Hambrick is “irrestorably incompetent" the charges that Hambrick faces would remain in place but trial would be delayed indefinitely until such a time that he was deemed restored and competent to stand trial.


In a statement issued by the family back in February 2018 when Hambrick was first sent for a mental health evaluation, he was described as a loving father whose life had been "profoundly transformed" by his daughter "--right up to the tragic morning of Oct. 17, when he suffered a "cataclysmic break" in his mental health.  Those of us who knew Mark before that horrific morning recognize that he is suffering from a profound mental health crisis."



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