First grade teacher arrested on child pornography charge

Bixby, Oklahoma: A first grade teacher and her husband have both been arrested on charges related to child pornography.


38-year-old Jason Bycroft already had a pending rape charge that dated to 2016 in Cherokee County, Oklahoma.


Now, Jason and his wife, Heather Nicole Bycroft are facing charges related to videos found in Jason's Dropbox account which date back to July 4, 2015. The arrest took place on September 22.


According to Detective Sergeant Buchanan a series of three videos showed Jason "in a pool with a prepubescent female" of approximately 6 years of age. "During those videos, Jason Bycroft is exposing and attempting to expose" the child to a female, identified as Heather, who is recording the events.


"The manipulation of the juvenile's shorts is overt, intentional, and not an accident. This is evidenced by the defendant attempting to capture this numerous times over the three videos," Buchanan stated in the complaint.


The document states that Jason was identified in the footage by his parents, and that they also identified the female's voice as belonging to Heather, who would have been dating Jason at the time.


"Multiple other images of child pornography of currently unidentified children" were also found to be in the Dropbox account as well as "upskirt" videos which appeared to have been shot by Heather of women in local businesses.


Heather was in her second year of employment at Bixby East Elementary but was suspended after the district learned of her arrest. Her name no longer appears in the staff listing.


Bixby Public Schools Superintendent Rob Miller issued a statement on Friday, September 24 addressing parents and staff.


In part, the statement said "we know that many are upset and frustrated by these events. We are too. This was clearly someone who had no business serving in an occupation involving the care and safeguarding of children. Her past actions betrayed your trust and ours."

Miller additionally stated that it appeared as though no student of Bixby was involved as the offenses occurred years before she was hired at the school district. He also explained that at the time of her hire she passed a comprehensive background check which revealed "nothing in Ms. Boycroft's past that would indicate that she might be a potential threat to children."


This is not the first time, however, that the small town of approximately 30,000 has experienced a teacher violating the trust of parents and violated children.


Just last month former Bixby High School teacher Jason Scott Byrd, 46, pleaded guilty to attempted receipt of child pornography, video voyeurism in Indian Country, and obstruction of justice related to using his cell phone to "inappropriately record underneath a female student's skirt."


Byrd, who had started teaching at the high school in 2008 will be sentenced at a later date not disclosed in the statement posted to Project Safe Childhood.