Man accused of dismembering and burning bodies in Fort Worth dumpster called them ‘sacrifices’


Fort Worth, Texas: 41-year-old Jason Alan Thornburg was arrested on Monday night and has been charged with capitol murder after three people were found dismembered inside of a dumpster that was burning last Wednesday.


According to investigators Thornburg has admitted to the three recent murder and two others that were still under investigation, one of which was in Arizona.


"This case was shocking and unsettling, and we knew bringing someone to justice in this case was paramount," Fort Worth Police Chief Neil Noakes was quoted as saying by WFAA during a press conference on Tuesday.


According to the arrest affidavit "Thornburg said he has an in-depth knowledge of the Bible and believes he was called to commit human sacrifices."


The Fort Worth Fire Department responded to a call of a dumpster fire at 6:17 am on Wednesday, September 22. Once the fire was extinguished, the "heavily dismembered" remains of three individuals, one of which was mistakenly reported as belonging to a child initially, were discovered.


Based on surveillance video of the scene from a nearby business officers were able to determine a suspect vehicle as a starting point. Starting with a list of nearly 7,000 vehicles, officers were able to narrow that list down to a single suspect.


Thornburg was known to investigators as he was a part of an investigation into the death of 61-year-old Mark Jewell dating to May 2021. Officers had not found probable cause to arrest Thornburg in that case.


During a voluntary interview with investigators concerning the discovery last week Thornburg is said to have provided "intimate information" related to the deaths which "only someone involved in the crime could know."


"In my time in the homicide unit, we don't have anything that resembles this," Sgt. Joe Lougman of the Fort Worth police department's homicide unit said. They will be going into cold cases and networking with other departments.


"I could not go into the psyche of somebody that was able to do this. He does not have an extensive criminal history, he does not have an extensively violent criminal history. But he did not give us any details that would [allow us to] be able to ascertain why somebody would do something like this."


During the interview Thornburg is said to have also admitted to killing Jewell, his roommate, by slashing his throat. He then uncapped the natural gas line and lit a candle.


"He actually spoke at the guy's funeral service," Scott Black was quoted as saying by CBS DFW. "That is what's giving me the chills. I'm stunned. My whole view of humanity has changed. This is evil. Pure evil."


Black met Thornburg through a local church Thornburg attended after the "house fire."


One of the three victims has been identified as 42-year-old David Lueras who was reportedly staying with Thornburg at the Mid City Inn in Euless, Texas for several days. Identification was made possible by tattoos that were found on some of the remains.

The identities of the other two victims has not been disclosed beyond saying that they were adult females.


Thornburg remains in the Tarrant County Jail on a $1 million bond.


Anyone with information is asked to contact either Detective M. Barron at (817) 392-4339 or Detective T. O'Brien at (817) 392-4338. Those wishing to remain anonymous may speak with Crime Stoppers at (817) 469-8477.



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