Teacher’s aide charged with first degree rape


Maysville, Oklahoma: A teacher's aide in her first year of employment at Maysville High School has been arrested and charged with first degree rape after she allegedly told a co-worker about a relationship that she was having with a student.


24-year-old Morgan Moore was arrested on Monday, September 27, but according to the Grady County Sheriff's Office inmate roster, she has since been released from custody.


"She confided to a teacher stating that she had sex with a student," Maysville Police Chief Paul Bush stated. "That teacher then told the high school principal and the high school principal in turn called me."


"It's sad that we live in a day and age that we have to go through this," Bush said. "I'm just glad she's out of the school."


Bush further stated that "First-degree rape is what she was charged with yesterday. Formal charges were sent to the Chickasha Nation prosecutors Office Friday around 3:30 pm, so it will be up to them to file charges or not file charges."


Moore is a part of the Choctaw Nation so Bush stated that the FBI may be taking over the case.


News 9 cited the Maysville School District's statement saying that it "takes the safety of its students very seriously. Because of this the District was shocked and disappointed when it heard the allegations against one of its employees. The District immediately contacted law enforcement regarding these allegation and continues to cooperate with law enforcement on this matter. This individual is no longer employed by the District."


According to News on 6 Bush stated that there had been three or four other child sex crimes in Maysville in the last seven months, and that this case was an anomaly because the investigation was not sparked by the victim coming forward.



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