Dallas Woman Sex Trafficked Family Members

Victoria Nicole Bautista, 29, of Dallas, Texas.

Victoria Nicole Bautista. 29, of Far East Dallas has been arrested and charged with compelling prostitution under the age of 18, continuous trafficking of a person under 18, as well as theft.  She is in custody at the Dallas County Jail and her bond has been set at $201,000.


One of the girls, an 11 year old, reached out to a family member in October to report that she had been being abused.  That family member contacted authorities, and began investigating Baustista.  The investigation began on the 17th of October, and she was arrested on the 18th.


The 11 year old girl reported that the trafficking began on March 12th, about two weeks after her 11th birthday, and would happen about every other week through October 15th.


She reported that the first time, Bautista told her and another girl, a 16 year old, that they had to go out of the motel room to a Mercedes-Benz in the parking lot where there were three men waiting.  One of the men handed the girls money and the two other began to abuse the girls.

Two of the three men are reported to be cousins, but the third man evidently changed each time.


The 11 year old reached out to a family member after she reported that during one of the incidents, she was hit in the head by one of the men and lost consciousness.  She reported that when she woke up, another man was having sex with her.


According to the police affidavit, the girl reported that once they returned to the motel room after the first encounter, Bautista would asked for the money and never inquired as to whether or not they were okay.