Chaos Watch: July 5, 2020


Just 15 minutes into the new day, police responded to a call of shots fired in Freeport, Illinois where one man was killed and another five were injured.


Also just 15 minutes into the new day, a 16-year-old is accused of a shooting which killed two and injured three in Columbia, Missouri.


At 12:20 four people were shot leaving one in serious condition in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


In Greenville, Mississippi four people were shot on a party bus at approximately 1 am.


At about 1 am 14 people were shot, 2 fatally, after an augment escalated in Atlanta, Georgia.


Someone fired into a crowd in the Lawndale area of Chicago, Illinois at about 1:14 am which left one dead and another five injured.


At 1:30 am on Sunday four people were injured after a 20-year-old opened fire on a group of six in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.


Four people of interest are being sought by police after a nightclub shooting at 1:50 am in Greenville, South Carolina resulted in the deaths of two individuals and left eight others injured.


At 2:16 am shots were fired in to a crowd in Detroit, Michigan which left two dead and another four injured.


In Davenport, Iowa, a shooting at 2:23 am left one man dead and three others injured.


Five people were injured, one critically, at a shooting which occurred at 3:40 am in the Manhattan area of New York, New York.


Four were left injured in a shooting at 4:30 am in Cambridge, Maryland.


Four people, including a 16-year-old girl were shot and injured while they were standing in an alley at 2:30 in Fifth City, Illinois.


Police responded to another shooting in Atlanta, Georgia at about 7:30 pm which left one man dead and two other individuals injured.


Four people were injured when occupants of a vehicle opened fire on two other vehicles at 10:00 pm in Houston, Texas.


Shots were fired into a crowd at 10:30 pm in Helena, Arkansas and left one dead and three others injured.



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