Chaos Watch: July 4, 2020


Around 1 am an altercation at a sports bar in Jackson, Mississippi left one dead and three others injured.


Beginning after 2 pm, Baton Rouge, Louisiana saw three separate shooting incidents which left a total of two dead and six injured.


At 9:30 pm officers responded to a call in Prince George's County, Maryland where one person was killed and another three were injured.


Beginning at about 9:50 pm, the first shooting call came into the Atlanta, Georgia Police Department where they found an 8-year-old girl had been killed.  Before the end of the weekend, at least 24 people were shot and 4 had died.


One man was shot and four others were left injured at a shooting at a cookout in Lynn, Massachusetts at approximately 10pm.


At 11:09 pm four individuals were shot, one fatally, in South Chicago, Illinois.*


Four were killed, including three children, and four others were injured in a shooting which took place at 11:35 pm in the Englewood area of the South Side of Chicago, Illinois.*


Over the 24-hour period, Memphis, Tennessee reported at least seven shootings, but no fatalities.


*Totals for the weekend concerning Chicago, Illinois seem to indicate 79 individuals were shot, 15 fatally.



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