Boswell found guilty on all three charges

Bailey Boswell, 26, on Wednesday after being found guilty. [Image credit: Francis Gardler - The Lincoln Journal Star]

After two and a half weeks of testimony, the jury took merely three and a half hours to return a verdict of guilty on all three charges.  It was unanimous the first time they voted.


The now 26-year-old Bailey Boswell was charged with first degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder and improper disposal of human remains for the 2017 murder of 24-year-old Sydney Loofe.


Her sentencing hearing has not yet been scheduled, but she could become the first woman to be sent to death row in the state of Nebraska.  The other possible sentence for her would be life in prison.


Her boyfriend, Aubrey Trail was found guilty last July after the jury deliberated for a mere three hours. He will find out in December if he is to be sentenced to death or life in prison.


Boswell's defense attorney, Todd Lancaster tried to paint his client as a pawn in Trail's plan to commit murder that did not fully understand what he had planned, but neither the prosecuting attorney nor the jury bought it.


The jury saw surveillance footage of Trail and Boswell checking out of a Home Depot on November 15, the day that Boswell was to meet with Loofe.  They were there to purchase drop cloths, tin snips, and a hacksaw.  The day following, Boswell ventured out on her own to purchase bleach and garbage bags.


During the course of the trial the jury also heard testimony from three other women who had all "matched" with Boswell on Tinder and described common topics within the apartment being witchcraft, torture and killing.  Boswell was reportedly known as the "Queen witch."


They even recounted that Trail had told them Boswell would "get off" to talk of torture and killing, and that they could make a lot more money than they were by selling stolen items at antique malls if they were to record the torture and killing of someone.


It wasn't until December 4, 2017 that the dismembered remains of Loofe were found nearly 90 miles from Lincoln, scattered along a highway.  She had been cut into 14 pieces.


"What were the efforts to leave no trace of Miss Loofe in that apartment? This is a dismemberment, and we didn't find a drop of blood in that apartment," Assistant State Attorney General Mike Guinan said during his closing arguments.


"Premeditation, premeditation, premeditation," Guinan said.  And the jury agreed.


Months ago Boswell's attorneys filed a motion to have three judges determine her ultimate fate, and not the jury.  They will be responsible for weighing the aggravating factors ,such as the heinousness of the crime, against the mitigating factors, such as Boswell's lack of a violent criminal history, before passing down a sentence.