Trail Trial Turns Darker

Wilber, NE - 6/17/2019 - Aubrey Trail appears in Saline County District Court for a plea hearing on Monday, June 17, 2019. GWYNETH ROBERTS, Journal Star

The events that led to the first degree murder trial of Aubrey Trail, 52, are gruesome enough.  He stands charged along with his girlfriend, Bailey Boswell, 24, for the murder and dismemberment of Sydney Loofer after meeting through Tinder.


Loofer met with Boswell on November 14th of 2017 and spent the day driving around and smoking pot.  They made plans to get together again the following night.  Shortly thereafter, her phone went "dark," never came on, and friends and family soon knew something was very wrong when there was no response to texts and she didn't show up for her work shift.


It wasn't until early December that officials walked through fields and ditches in rural Nebraska that they began to recover Loofer's dismembered body wrapped tightly in garbage bags.  Notably missing according to investigators, were most of her internal organs.


Then, the trial got even more bizarre on Monday June 24th when in the middle of the morning proceedings, Trail shouted out that, "Bailey is innocent, and I curse you all" before slashing the right side of his own throat.  Proceedings were immediately delayed as authorities worked to stop the bleeding and confiscate the weapon from Trail.

He was transported by ambulance to the hospital where, later on Monday, his court appointed attorney stated that he was recovering and should soon be discharged, enabling him to be back in court Tuesday morning for proceedings. Saline County District Judge Vicky Johnson, issued an order that Trail be handcuffed "for obvious reasons" for the remainder of the trial upon his return.


Over the last two days, testimony has been given in court painting an even darker image.


Three witnesses have taken the stand over the last two days, all of whom Judge Johnson has ordered to remain unnamed in the media so as to protect their privacy.  Their stories are all eerily similar though.


Meeting on Tinder, they recount first meeting with Boswell and then later being introduced to Trail.  After being bought presents and given a spending allowance of $200 a week, the women were made offers of joining what Trail called "my girls."


Ordered to walk around the apartment of Trail and Boswell nude, they engaged in group sex, and talk of killing.  One of the rules of membership was that they would spend this time with Trail and Boswell at their apartment at least once a week.  Trail was to be called "daddy," and Boswell was to be called "mommy," or evidently, "queen witch."  Trail and Boswell also spoke of filming a murder and selling it for $1 million.


But it was all about more than sex.  One of the women told the court that Trail referred to himself as a "vampire" and that she could become one of his "witches," but that in order to do so, she must take a life.  She added that Trail had told her that if the victim was tortured for two to three hours before hand, that she would gain even more power from the murder.  Initially, she said, "it all sounded like it was real, very convincing."


While the witnesses all began to eventually question the mysterious abilities Trail said that they would obtain, they had no doubt that Trail and Boswell were serious and capable when they spoke of killing.  They even believed the threats leveled on occasion against their families should they tell anyone about the antique thieving and drugs that were also a part of this twisted scheme.


Earlier on Monday, FBI agent Mike Maseth testified concerning his time questioning Trail.  He informed the court that at one point, Trail wished to tell agents something, but not in front of a camera, so they all went into the restroom where Trail said, "Witches kill, witches kill, a life for a life, and they gain more power when they kill."   Maseth continued to say that in another interview Trail stated that he wasn't being entirely honest and that  “He said that '50% of what I tell you is bull----.'"


As the trial continues, there will no doubt be more sick and twisted details that emerge.  Boswell is slated to stand trial in September, and one of her attorneys has been seen regularly in the courtroom during proceedings.

One thing to remember though, is that it doesn't matter what we believe with regards to witches or vampires.  What matters is what, in this case, Trail and Boswell believe.