Another mutilated dog found in England

At the end of October, we reported on two dogs and a rodent that had been skinned and dumped in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.


Now, another mutilated dog has been located, this time dumped in a duffel bag in a park in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire, approximately 35 miles south of Rotherham.  The dog was discovered on Sunday, November 8 by a 14-year-old boy that was out riding his bike and picked up the bag thinking that possibly there was money inside.


Instead, a severed paw fell out of the bag.


The boy immediately called his mother, 36-year-old Becky Cattell who then notified police.


"I just felt sick. I just thought this cannot possibly be someone's pet. The dog warden and police came and they said it was a Staffy-type." she said.  "Its front paws were not there and its face had been torn to pieces. The police said they couldn't tell whether it was male or female because of the state it was in."


Investigators believe that the dog may have been there for as much as two weeks and are asking that anyone with information call the Nottinghamshire Police on 101, "quoting incident number 199 of 9 November 2020."