Songbird: The Bay After Tomorrow


Back in July, when we were all cloistered away in our homes, social distancing, and wondering whether our church doors would ever open again…Michael Bay (of Transformers fame) was busy directing Songbird, a dystopian drama of doom.

Set in 2024, the C-19 virus has mutated to COVID-23, and the global death toll has exceeded 8 million. People are corralled into cities, mandatorily vaccinated, and enslaved under a dictatorial regime that enforces curfews and shoots anyone on sight who isn’t able to display their yellow “Look ma, I’ve been vaccinated!” cool-kid bracelet.

Songbird is billed as a “dystopian thriller,” but it is really more like a Nostradamian documentary or a string of mainstream media news reports, viewed four years ahead of schedule. The movie predicts a minimum of another 4 years of the pandemic, replete with not-so-subliminal messages such as, “Sometimes we have to do things we don’t want.”

Why anyone would consider such fodder to be “entertaining” rather than traumatizing predictive programming is beyond me. Watch the trailer and see the future they have planned for us, Church. May these trailers fuel you to continue to pray and fast for the future of our nation, our liberties, and our religious freedom.


If you’ve got the stomach for it, you can watch the official trailer of the film here.

If you would like to view portions of the film along with some biblical commentary, click here.



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