Amish brothers may see prison time for allegedly violating probation in incest case

Aaron C.M. Schwartz, 22, and Petie C.M. Schwartz, 18, of Seymour, Missouri. [Image credit: Webster County Sheriff's Office]


“I confess to having had several sexual intercourses with a [female relative] under 14 years of age,” both apology letters the Schwartz brothers were ordered to write say, according to the News-Leader. “I do regret and am sorry for having done any such sins.”


Aaron C.M. Schwartz, 22, and his brother, Petie C.M. Schwarts, 18, both pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of child molestation as a part of a plea deal after their 13-year-old sister recently gave birth.


The brothers had initially been charged with six counts of statutory rape and one count of invest.  The charges were reduced to third-degree child molestation after they admitted to having sex with their sister beginning when she was 12.


The charge though, carried a sentence of 15 years in prison.


The Webster County Prosecuting Attorney, Ben Berkstresser alleged that the brothers were immature and "would've been eaten alive in the state prison system."


Their 15 year sentence was suspended and they were placed on 5 years probation.  Some of the terms of that probation was that they stay away from their sister, complete the Missouri Sex Offender Treatment Program and write an "apology" letter.


Berkstresser stated that if the brothers failed to uphold the terms of their probation, there would be consequences, "And that consequence will be prison."


Court records filed Thursday, September 24 accuse the brothers of violating the terms of their parole "by having contact with the victim of the crimes, after signing the sex offender supervision agreement that prohibited contact with the victim."


A probation status hearing has been scheduled for 8:15 am on Wednesday, September 30.


Additionally, two other brothers, both reported to be minors, have been accused of incest.  It is unclear if charges will be pursued against them as well.



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