Additional Charges Filed Against Catholic Priest

Robert McWilliams [Photo credit:]


On Thursday December 31st the 8th District Court of Appeals agreed unanimously to reduce Robert McWilliams' bond to 10% of a previously reduced $50,000.


Thursday morning his mother paid the cash necessary to secure her son's release.


Within hours, however, a new charge had been filed against McWilliams, this time in Geauga County through the Chardon Municipal Court.  He is charged there with one count of pandering obscenity involving a minor.


Assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Carl Sullivan stated during a December 17th court appearance that investigators within Geauga County believe that McWilliams used a second cell phone to contact children he knew, pretending to be someone else, in order to extort them into sending him nude photographs.


It appears as though McWilliams is in custody of Geauga County as of 10 EST this morning.


While charges still do not show in the court records information online for Cuyahoga County, additional charges of illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material and one count each of pandering sexually oriented material involving a minor and possessing criminal tools have been filed.   These charges are in addition to the previous four counts of possessing child pornography and one count of possessing criminal tools.



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