7-year-old girl has not been seen in years recently reported missing

Manchester, New Hampshire: Harmony Montgomery was last seen in late October 2019, but was not reported missing until the final days of 2021. Manchester Police Department have not only asked the public for assistance in locating her, but have also now opened a dedicated tip line that will be manned 24/7 by a Juvenile Detective.

That tip line is (603) 203-6060. Another point of contact that was previously given was that of the lead investigator Detective Jack Dunleavy at (603) 792-5561.


Harmony is described as approximately 4 feet tall and weighting about 50 pounds with blonde hair and blue eyes. Officers noted that she wears glasses as she is blind in her right eye.


Harmony Montgomery Tip Line: (603) 203-6060


"We don't have answers to many questions we have," Manchester Police Chief Allen Aldenberg stated during a press conference on Friday, December 31.


He appealed for the public's assistance in locating Harmony and asked that anyone with information, regardless of how old or seemingly small the tip may be, contact their police department.


"I know people are going to say: 'Well, here it is 2021, almost 2022, and nobody's seen this young girl since late of October 2019. So what's happened in the last two years?' Fair question. That's why I am here today. Because we need assistance."


Aldenberg stated that they have spoken to "many family members" but did not specify which family members those were. He repeatedly reiterated that the case was very much active and ongoing.


Before the question was asked, Aldenberg stated that the case did not meet the necessary criteria in order to issue an Amber Alert. Investigators had no information about who Harmony may be with or a vehicle she may be traveling in.


It is believed that the last time Harmony was enrolled in a school was in 2019 in Massachusetts, but the city was not disclosed.


Aldenberg asserted that the focus of the investigation was on Harmony and locating her.


Blair Miller, according to Boston.com, a Washington correspondent for Boston 25 adopted Harmony's biological brother Jamison.


"He has a very close relationship [with Harmony], or at least did when they were in foster care, and we've tried to keep that relationship ongoing, but it's been very, very difficult over the years," Miller stated in a video shared to his social media page.


Miller went on to state that he learned of Harmony while going through the adoption process with Jamison and even inquired about the possibility of adopting her. Miller stated that they were told by the Department of Children and Family that Harmony had been reunited with her father.


The case of Harmony has many similarities with that of Oakley Carlson, a missing 5-year-old out of Oakville, Washington that has been missing for an undetermined amount of time and was just reported missing in early December, 2021.