2020 Election Virus: Highly Contagious!

I thought about simply adding this meme as an update to the Real Dark News article I previously wrote about Coronavirus (which I likely still will) but ultimately, I felt it deserved enough attention to warrant its own article as well.

I will keep this short because I think the meme speaks for itself.

Brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, I urge you all to:  Stay Safe, Stay Smart, Stay Calm.

“YAHWEH will remove from you all sickness; and He will not put on you any of the harmful diseases of Egypt which you have known, but He will lay them on all who hate you.”

Deuteronomy 7:15

UPDATE: Sharing an e-mail I received today from a Real Dark News reader:

“The corona virus scare is just this election cycle’s scare. It is supposed [designed] to crash the economy and scare the investors to death. Also, it is more urgent this time because there are indictments coming out that will convict some for treason and others will go to prison.

More people are dying from the regular flu than from corona virus. Corona virus is most dangerous for the elderly and those with impaired immune systems.”