COVID-19: Christ’s Response to Churchianity?

“As for you, you meant evil against me, but Yahweh meant it for good in order to bring about this present result, to preserve many people alive.”

Genesis 50:20

I honestly do not understand why the devil gets the credit for everything that happens around here. And by “here”—I mean Earth.

“The earth is Yahweh’s, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein” (Psalm 24:1). When you hear “COVID-19” do you hear: pestilence, disease, death, and Armageddon? Many of us do. But why are we so quick to credit this coup to the shadow government, the Deep State, the elites, the Rothschilds, the Queen of England, the Pope, the Illuminati, or the Freemasons? Is God taking a nap? Nothing that happens down here is ever something HE might be up to?

What if this COVID-19 coup is one of those “Let’s send Jesus to the cross so Satan thinks he’s won” bait-and-switches that our Elohim is sooooo good at pulling off? If this is the case, then our giving credit to the enemy for this work is robbing Yahweh of glory. Let us pray for discernment; because if this is potentially a mighty work of God—let us not be blind Pharisees and miss out on our chance to be a part of something extraordinary.


For the past decade, I have heard non-stop chatter of “Churchianity” and how Joel Osteen, Bethel, and Hillsong are leading believers down a dark path of occultism and New Age practices. I have heard the terms, “remnant” and “watchmen” ascribed to a growing number of Churchianity defectors who are praying and fasting that the rebels be routed out, and the Church be purged of its Catholic, Mithraistic, and occultic synchronizations.

Too harsh? Well, Yahweh has called us to be fearless, and yet, long before any government officials began mandating travel bans, lock downs, or quarantines, the evangelical churches were amongst the first to slam their doors. The “Church” was the very first institution to crumble. During WWII and the Black Plague (as well as other global tragedies) the Church was always amongst the first to run to the front lines to offer aid. But where are they now?

Quarantined Until August?  

As of today, media is reporting the quarantine could last until the end of August.


Can you envision the endless, miraculous possibilities as to what Yahweh could do to gather together His remnant of believers if given a 5-6 month hiatus from their sleepy parishes? This quarantine might actually force believers to follow a New Testament church model!

10 or less people meeting each week in homes—praying, worshipping, and reading the Word together in an intimate setting. Imagine how the Spirit of Yahweh could move upon these cell groups to shatter the current Church “formula” and start a grassroots, remnant Church!  

Purge the Church!

We always think it terms of “purging the Church” as getting rid of the pagans, outsiders, sinners, and non-believers. But what if Yahweh intends to purge His remnant from out of the Church?  Now, before you start quoting verses to me (that don’t exist) about it being a sin to not go to church, take 2 Corinthians 6:17 into consideration.

“Therefore, COME OUT FROM THEIR MIDST AND BE SEPARATE,” says the Lord. “AND DO NOT TOUCH WHAT IS UNCLEAN; And I will welcome you.”

The “them” is unbelievers. And the context of the passage is a warning to not being equally yoked with unbelievers. And yet today, our seeker-friendly evangelical mega churches are packed with “THEM.”

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I urge you to look upon the COVID-19 quarantine as the biggest, most exciting, most overt Heavenly coup of the 21st century! As the enemy plots to take advantage of the fearful masses in order to seize power over them—let us put on our spiritual spectacles and see this through spiritual lenses.

Let us take advantage of this unique time in world history to pray and fast—that Yahweh would foil the plans of the enemy; and while the government strives to inch closer towards its New World Order; that Yahweh will simultaneously be calling out His remnant from out of their apostate churches, and building an army of called-out ones, right under the enemy’s nose.

Be Quarantined For I Am Quarantined

Quarantine means, “to impose isolation upon someone.”

What does this COVID quarantine mean to you? Does it mean sitting at home bored, fearing that dreaded day you run out of toilet paper? Or does it mean an opportunity to hit the “reset” button and watch Jesus Christ fulfill Matthew 16:18 and build His remnant Church upon the ROCK?

So, the governor of your state is now imposing isolation upon you. But, guess what? This is exactly what Yahweh already required of you the day you received His Son as your Messiah. This is exactly what He did when He called Abraham out from among the Chaldeans; and when He called Moses and the Hebrews out from among the Egyptians.

Our clarion call to holiness is a willing spiritual quarantine in which we, out of obedience and fidelity to our Master, willingly and joyfully isolate ourselves from the world.

The last 40 years of ease has made us lazy. This generation has not perfected holiness (without which we will not see the LORD). What we have perfected is our Minecraft scores, binge watching 4 seasons of TV in 4 days, decorating our bodies with tatts, and laughing hysterically at our super cool skinny jeans wearing pastor’s jokes.

This COVID quarantine is our opportunity to grow in holiness, to practice separation from the world, to hit the reset button, and to importunately pray for a 21st century exodus. Brothers and sisters, let us pray for a great falling away! Let’s pray that the remnant of true believers fall away from mainstream evangelicalism and come back into covenant with our soon-to-return Warrior King, Jesus Christ.