19 Women Rescued From Nigerian Baby Factory

The raid which freed nineteen pregnant women ages 15-28 and four infants took place on September 19th at 4 pm but police kept it a secret until now in hopes of apprehending their final suspect, Madam Oluchi, from Mbano, Imo State.


Two women were arrested as a result of the raid.  Both Happiness Ukwuoma, 40, and Sherifat Ipeya, 54, aided in the human trafficking organization by serving as nurses despite no formal medical training.


The women reported that they were brought to Lagos, the largest city in Nigera, on the promise of employment.


One woman told that she had been picked up from the bus stop and brought to her current location after receiving a call from a friend concerning domestic employment.  "The next day, I was summoned by our madam, who told me that I would not leave the premises until next year," one of the rescued women is quoted as saying.  "So far, I have slept with seven different men before I discovered I was pregnant. I was told that after delivery, I would be paid handsomely."


The women were told that once they delivered their babies, there were buyers that were ready and waiting.  The boys would be sold for N500,000 ($1,630), and the girls would be sold for N300,000 ($980).


One woman reported though, that after she was found out her child would be sold, she wanted to leave, but was detained against her will.  Another reported that her cell phone was confiscated from her so that she would not be able to seek help.


Hope Bright from Rivers State told authorities that the two year old child she had traveled to Lagos with was forcefully removed from her care.


The women and infants are now being re-homed and offered rehabilitation.