Human Remains Found at Philadelphia Arboretum

The historic Cope House is part of the 55 acre Awbury Arboretum in the East Germantown.

Just before 9 am on Monday, September 30th, the grounds keeper of the Awbury Arboretum a partially buried sack containing human remains behind the Cape House which houses the administrative offices of the Arboretum.


As the investigation is ongoing, there are very limited at this time.


Crime Scene Investigators spent hours coming the area for evidence and didn't remove the remains until 1 pm.  The remains, which according to some reports were so badly decomposed that it could not be immediately determined if the deceased was a male or female, were transported to the medical examiner.


Police have not yet made any statements about how long they believe the remains had been there.  Some of the neighbors state that they had been in the arboretum for an event the previous day and hadn't noticed anything out of place at that time.