14-year-old girl found hanged at boarding school

Editor's note: I generally don't like to run stories where so many of the players are unnamed across virtually all media outlets, but this one I feel, bears some attention.

The incident is said to have happened on July 3rd, but only came to light over the weekend when a video released by the girl's mother is said to have gone viral on social media.


The Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police Ranvijay Singh said, “Police got to know about the case from social media. The family has alleged that the girl was murdered and raped. The matter was taken up immediately. Police contacted the school management and gathered information from the spot.” Despite a cursory investigation, police have said that there is no official case as a complaint has not yet been filed.


The principal of the school, Jayendra Kumar has been quoted by media saying, "We found a suicide note where the girl had written that there is no reason behind her death. Neither the Gurukul nor her family members are responsible for her death. She further wrote that 'There is no reason for me to live, I have become a burden on everyone.'"


The school has reportedly agreed with police though, that they were wrong for not reporting the girl's death to them when it happened.


The parents report that they received a call to come to the school at 5:30 in the morning on July 3rd, just two weeks after they had returned their children to school after a Covid-19 forced break.  When they got there, they allege that their cell phones were immediately taken before they were escorted into the room where their daughter was said to still be hanging from a ceiling fan.


“My daughter’s salwar was unbuttoned," the mother is quoted as saying by Quint.  "My husband attempted to reach the fan by climbing the same table which had been used to hang my daughter but he could not reach it. There was a gap of around 1 foot. When the fan was out of reach for my husband, how could my daughter reach it. My daughter used to complain that her teachers used to beat her in the school.”


Additional Deputy Commissioner Singh said that the school had turned over a suicide note that the young girl had allegedly wrote and that they have passed on the information they gathered to her family, and encouraged that “If there is any evidence of foul play, the family can give it to police. The matter will be probed and strict action will be taken against the guilty.”


The family though, states that they were threatened by the school and forced to sign a document authorizing the school the cremate the girl despite their wishes to take her body home.


“They made my younger daughter write a letter on behalf of her father saying that my daughter was sick, had fever, the school had her treated but she did not get better and died, and now I am cremating her.”


“I urge you all (public), please help us! We do not have enough money for lawyers. Please help us get justice. This might happen with any other child,” the mother said.