14 Year Old Confesses to Killing Family of Five

Around 1:30 am Tuesday morning, Sheriffs in the quiet town of Elkmont, a small town just across the Tennessee boarder, received a call about a shooting.  Limestone sheriffs responded to the scene and found five people inside the home that had been shot.  Two were rushed to the hospital in critical condition, one adult, and one child, where they succumbed to their injuries.


A lone survivor, a 14 year old boy was left to explain what had happened in the family home at about 10:50 Monday night.


Initially identified only by his age and gender, the boy told the sheriffs that he had been in the home's basement when he heard the shots.  He allegedly made his way upstairs and out the door before calling 911.  Detecting inconsistencies in his story though, Limestone County Sheriff Blakely and another investigator took the boy for an interview.  When confronted with the discrepancies in his story, he confessed to being the one responsible for pulling the trigger and even told the officers where he had ditched the firearm.


In the early morning hours of Tuesday, the 9mm pistol was recovered from the side of the road a short distance from the home.  Deputies reported that the firearm had been in the home illegally, but did not go into details as to who owned the weapon or why it was considered to be there illegally.


WHNT reported that in 1999, the father, John Sisk, plead guilty to a felony charge of sexual misconduct with a minor in Indiana.  Due to being a convicted felon, it was illegal for him to be in possession of a firearm.


Later identified by his family, the shooter, Mason Sisk, was described by his uncle, Sam Compton as, "He was always humble, he was never into war games. He never really liked guns."  He even said that there weren't any warning signs concerning something like this happening.  "The past couple of days he was normal. Nothing, no signs maybe one or two days he came in tired".  He further stated he intends to visit Mason in jail and ask why he did this.


His cousin, Daisy McCarty however, painted a very different image of Mason.  In an article that was reported by WAFF-TV which seems to have been removed from their website, McCarty told the station that her cousin had been acting out over recent months by burning live animals and breaking into his school.


She speculated that a recent disclosure of the fact that the woman he considered his biological mother was not in fact related to him was what pushed him over the edge.  "He didn't know any different of who his mom was," she said. "And they just recently told him, and I think that's really what triggered the little boy, to be honest with you."


Mason is currently being held in a juvenile detention facility and is charged with five counts of juvenile murder related to the shooting of his father, John Sisk, 38, his stepmother, Mary Sisk, 35, and his three step-siblings, ages 6, 5, and 6 months.  The charges may be amended to capitol murder, should it be deemed he can be charged as an adult.