Woman caged for 25 years found by hiker

Jedah Curacha Naquines found 45-year-old Manol while hiking. [Image credit: Naquines' Facebook page]

On August 24 Jedah Curacha Naquines was hiking through Cebu, Philippines when she stumbled upon a woman in a cage.


Initially thinking that the woman was trapped, she approached but soon realized that the woman was ignoring her presence and muttering to herself while staring at the wall.


"I wanted to know why she was put inside a cage like an animal," Naquines is quoted as saying.  "Even if she doesn't seem to understand what is happening around her, she does not deserve that life."


Naquines sought information from the locals and was told that they had chosen to put the woman in the makeshift cage about 25 years before as a way of keeping her out of harms way.


The woman who they called just Manol, had been living with her mother until she had died and soon thereafter, her father had abandoned her to go look for work.  The woman lived alone for a time until she was nearly hit by a truck.


The residents determined that for Manol's safety, it would be best for them to lock her up.  They converted the shed which was attached to the side of the home she had shared with her family into a makeshift cage.  The residents of the area reported that they took turns providing food for the woman.


Naquines sought assistance from a nearby village for the woman, but her plea seems to have fallen on deaf ears as she then took to Facebook to raise awareness and find care for Manol.


Her determination has paid off as Naquines is reported to now be in contact with local government "to improve the condition of the woman," and she is continuing to work to secure further care for Manol.