Uncle attacks family with hammer and knife killing 5 and injuring 5 more

Reports out of Paris indicate that an uncle had "gone mad" Saturday morning and attacked his family members after a family dispute.


One of the children that was injured in the attack managed to make his way to a nearby bar to seek assistance.  He reported that his uncle had attacked family members "with a knife and a hammer."


Police arrived at the residence in Noisy-le-Sec, an eastern suburb of Paris, at around 11 am and found two members of the family deceased and several more that were in critical conduction.  Despite the best efforts of medical professionals, three more family members died within an hour and a half.  Those that died were reported to be one adult female and four children.


They found an additional three seriously injured adults and two juveniles that were reported to not be seriously injured.


The suspect was also reportedly found within the home, unconscious, with the weapons at his side.


All surviving family members have been transported to the hospital for treatment.