Two church day care workers charged with cruelty to children

Clarkson, Georgia: A mother has retained an attorney after her three-year-old son returned home "visibly upset" from the Clarkston First Baptist Daycare in July 6, 2022.


"I'm very disgusted, very disappointed, because this is a church day care," Krystin Collier told WSB-TV. "I trusted these people with my child."


After reportedly discovering new bruises on her son, she began asking questions according to KPLR.


Collier claims that administrators told her that there was nothing "unacceptable" after a "thorough investigation was conducted." Admitting that tensions were high in the classroom that day, the administration indicated that there was a "need for some classroom restructuring and additional staff training in addressing challenging behaviors."


Eventually Collier requested the security footage from the classroom.


That footage is said to have revealed that her son was "punched in the face, grabbed by his hair, thrown in the corner, and pushed over a chair" over the course of nearly three hours.


On Friday, July 29, Clarkston Police issued arrest warrants for Bernetta Glover and Autumn Coney on charges of first degree cruelty to children.


Jail records show that Coney was booked by the DeKalb County Sheriff's Department on the morning of Monday, August 1 and released just over two hours later.


No arrest records show for Glover.


Jackie Patterson, the attorney representing Collier stated, "From what I saw on this tape, there is no question that the church is liable for the injuries, the emotional abuse."


The investigation remains ongoing.