Two Children Victims of Suspected Sacrifice in India


Police in Semarhut village of Jharkhand, India's Latehar district are investigating the murder of two children after their headless bodies were discovered in shallow graves on Thursday.  The suspect, Sunil Oraon, 35, was out on bail at the time of the murders was taken back into police custody Thursday night.  According to India Today, he was admitted to Sedar Hospital showing signs of "mental illness."


One of the parents, Birendra Oraon said, “Sunil Oraon killed my son to appease God. He practiced black magic. My son went missing on Wednesday evening. He must have captured him for sacrificing.”


The two children were identified as Nirmal Oraon, 11, (no apparent relation to the suspect,) and Sheela Kumari, 10.


While the bodies of the two children were located within some sand and under bags of thorny shrubs near the suspects home, the heads were not buried with them.  The suspect gave the location of the boy's head, which was recovered, but the girl's is still being sought.


While the police have stated that they do not believe that the killing was human sacrifice, they also said that they have not ruled it out.  The bodies were sent for a medical evaluation to determine cause of death before being returned to their families for burial.



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