Monday, February 26, 2024

1 thought on “Total Recall Soon to be a Total Reality

  1. Excellent article! We know the fundamental principle in spiritual warfare is to gird up the mind; have the proper mind-set on biblical truth. This sort of tech would short-circuit sober-mindedness in a big way!
    I can imagine this being used in the false conviction of Christians on crimes committed – that never happened; but not only trumped up evidence provided, but even the Christian’s own false memories corroborating that artificial evidence to the point where the Christian confesses to the crimes! Yikes!

    I have a link to all of your articles on RDN Viki, and since seeing you on the video with Tom recently, this has prompted me to do some catch up reading on your stuff!
    GOD BLESS YOU SISTER SAINT! You are greatly beloved of the Father!! 🙂

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