The Original “Five Guys”


It was a dreary Saturday morning in August 1806. Five male college students from Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts gathered round a grove of trees near the Hoosack River to discuss the spiritual needs of peoples living in Asian countries. Suddenly, a thunderstorm brewed, pelting the students with torrents of rain. Not to be deterred, the students sought shelter in the lee of a haystack and continued to pray. That seemingly anti-climactic gathering, now referred to as the “The Haystack Prayer Meeting” or “The Haystack Revival,” was the catalyst for missions around the globe, as well as the founding of the American Bible Society.

The prayers of 5 men, multiplied to feed the world. Sounds a bit like those 5 loaves of bread that fed the crowd of 4000 men plus women and children. It seems that any offering—paltry though it may be—can change the world once laid into the hands of Jesus Christ.

If five college students praying around a haystack for a couple of hours can change the course of world history, what could 60-seconds of prayer by thousands of Christians in American every day do?

Brother and sisters, I am sending out an alarm to the assembly of Believers—I am calling for a cyber haystack revival. Will you take up this challenge with me? Would you be willing to give the first 60 seconds of your day—in bed, before your feet touch the floor—to send 60 seconds worth of prayer up to the throne and ask Yahweh to “bow the heavens and come down” and stop this mighty, dark, black tidal wave known as the LGBTQ agenda?

The enemy believes that the Church is putty in his hands. He believes he already has this deal signed, sealed, and delivered. He believes this agenda is barreling down the tracks like a freight train and that NOTHING will stop it. Sadly, many believers have absorbed this polluted hubris like second-hand smoke, and have shrugged their shoulders and walked away in defeat—believing the agenda is too far down the tracks to stop.


It is NOT too late!

We are NOT powerless!

Will you set aside the 31 days of March and pray for 60 seconds before you get out of bed? That would amount to 31 minutes of prayer, per person, times a hundred—if not times a thousand—of Believers all in unity of mind, praying that Yahweh would stop this vulgar and violent predatory attack of perversion upon our country.

I took up the challenge 4 days ago and I have already seen movements of the Spirit.

It is not too late, brothers and sisters. We do not have to resolve to let this madness take over. We must fight back!

“…and My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

2 Chronicles 7:14


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