“The Devil Can’t Hurt You,” Mom Tells Children Before Crashing Vehicle

Calicia Williams, 36, is charged with four counts of premeditated attempted murder after crashing her vehicle head on into a palm tree in Lake City, Florida. [Photo Credit: OCALA FIRE RESCUE]

“The devil can’t hurt you, he only hurts bad people. You have the light of Jesus in you and only Jesus can cure us,” Calicia Williams is said to have told her four children before intentionally crashing the vehicle they were all in head on into a palm tree.


Before the accident, she had instructed her children, ages 7- 13 to all remove their seat belts and stretch out their hands.  One of the children is said to have expressed concern about the rate of speed at which Williams was driving.  According to statements, Williams then yelled at that child.


All five were transported to area hospitals for treatment after the crash.  Police were intending to take Williams, 36, into custody once she was released from the hospital.

Authorities requested that she be held without bond as she is facing four charges of attempted murder.


Emergency responders stated that Williams was making "spontaneous statements" while they were helping her children, including statements about voodoo and hexes.  According to police, Williams stated that her husband caused the accident by putting a hex on her.


Authorities described her as being "agitated," and stated that her explanation of the crash was that she was "being followed by a lot of people in cars and she was trying to read all their tag numbers." She allegedly stated that when she looked up, she saw the tree and they then crashed.  According to police, there was no sign of any attempt to break or avoid the tree but rather, the tire marks indicated that she headed directly for it..


Her next court date was not listed with the Marion County Sheriff's Office.