State troopers facing charges related to child pornography

Jeffrey Reitz, 48, and Andrea Knox, 35, have both been suspended. [Image credit: NJ Office of the Attorney General]


“Despite her duty as a police officer to enforce and uphold the laws,” Amanda V. Knox, 35, failed to report the criminal conduct of a fellow trooper according to the New Jersey Attorney General's Office and so, is facing charges of official misconduct and possession of child pornography.


Those images were reportedly received from fellow trooper, 48-year-old Jeffrey Reitz who had previously been charged in a separate case with possession of child pornography.  He has now additionally been charged with distribution of child pornography.


Reitz has been suspended from the force since April 2019, and Knox was suspended after her arrest on Tuesday, February 25th.


The conversation between Reitz and Knox is said to have happened in August 2018 and was discovered on the iCloud belonging to Reitz as a part of the ongoing investigation stemming from his 2019 charges.


If convicted on the charge of official misconduct, Knox would have to serve 5 years in prison without the possibility of parole.



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