Man who saw nothing wrong with possession child pornography sentenced

David J. Neal | Miami Herald | February 23, 2020  


When investigators bearing child pornography photos that had been posted to Twitter showed up at Gary Kolligian’s South Palm Beach home, Kolligian said he recognized the photos. He owned owning the child porn found on his laptop.


“(Kolligian) stated that he didn’t feel he was committing any crimes in possessing child pornography because he believed ‘the boys are beautiful.”


That’s from Kolligian’s admission of facts that went with his guilty plea to possession of child pornography. U.S. District Judge Rodney Smith sentenced Kolligian, 65, to eight years and one month in federal prison followed by 15 years of supervised release.

Whatever ghoulash of feelings were tied to Kolligian’s affinity for child porn, they overwhelmed any fear of discovery. As Twitter user “surfinwav,” he posted two files with child porn to Twitter in December 2017. Twitter notified the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The NCMEC notified law enforcement.


Kolligian got a knock on his [door] on Aug. 19, 2019.


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