South African ‘vampire killer’ pleads guilty to his mother’s murder

Koster, North West: 24-year-old Thabang Mosoane appeared in court on Monday, May 30, and plead guilty to the May 9 murder of his mother, 53-year-old Kedisaletse Elizabeth Mosoane.


"I want to plead guilty and finalize the matter," Mosoane told the Koster Magistrate's Court.


Mosoane will be back in court on July 7 in order to allow time for further investigation according to IOL.


Colonel Adele Myburgh, spokesman for the North West Police Department said in initial statements that they responded to an "awful homicide scene" and from what they could gather at the time, there was a domestic dispute between Mosoane and his mother.


Later information gathered from Mosoane's twin brother Thabo indicated that the fight had been over Mosoane's request for R10 (approximately $0.65 USD) in order to purchase marijuana. When she evidently refused Mosoane stabbed her repeatedly.


Thabo told investigators that his mother's screams woke him and by the time he arrived to where she was, he observed his mother lying on the ground, presumably already deceased, bleeding.  Thabo then told officers that he watched as his brother stooped down and drank some of her blood.


Outside the court room on Monday one of Mosoane's aunts, Naomi Mosoane told News 24, "His committed one of the worst sins in the country. He needs to be taught a lesson. He must know that what he did is accompanied by punishment. He stabbed his mother to death."


According to another aunt, Bertha Motshabi, "He was a problematic child. His twin brother, Thabo, is afraid of him. Thabo is attending counseling because of [Mosoane's] deeds."